Landlord and Tenant


It is important that a landlord appreciates and understands their rights and obligations in relation to a tenancy and, where required, receives fast, accurate and informed advice to recover possession of their property.

Knowing the law and having a carefully drafted tenancy agreement can prevent problems arising and will give you the opportunity to take swift and effective action to enforce your rights if things go wrong. Having the wrong agreement or serving the wrong possession notice can prevent you from recovering possession of your property.

We offer advice on the following:

  • Drafting of tenancy agreements
  • Preparation and service of possession notices
  • Enforcement of rent arrears
  • Rent deposit scheme
  • Possession claims
  • Breach of tenancy agreement
  • Disrepair claims
  • Enforcement notices from local authority

Many of our services are provided on a fixed fee. In other cases we will provide a cost estimate for the work so you can budget accordingly.

For more information and assistance with residential tenancy issues please call us on 01524 402050.


Why do you need advice and assistance when letting or renting premises? Well, leases are often very long for good reason. A good lease anticipates problems and issues that may arise during or at the end of the letting. It will make sure there are agreed principles in place to smooth them out when the need arises. It is not just about the rent. Provisions should include (amongst other things):

  1. What happens to the tenants improvements to the property when the tenant decides to leave?
  2. Who pays for insurance and what sort of cover is required?
  3. What happens if the property is destroyed during the letting?
  4. Is there to be a rent review and if so how is it to be calculated?
  5. Who is responsible for repair of the various parts of the property?
  6. What can the property be used for?
  7. What happens if a tenant doesn’t pay the rent (there is no automatic right to possession unless it is included in the lease)?
  8. Is there any service charge to be paid to the landlord?
  9. What happens if the tenant wants to sub-let or assign the lease to somebody else?

Wright & Lord have the expertise to advise both landlords and tenants on the terms that would best suit the situation. All circumstances are different and after an initial chat it should be possible for a fixed price to be agreed.

For further information on Landlord and Tenant or to arrange a no obligation initial meeting, please call us on 01524 402050 / 015395 65990 or alternatively complete the "Quick Enquiry" form below.

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