The reason why so many people in this country have not made a Will is simply that they don’t know where to start. And, they don’t think they can go and see a solicitor to give instructions on a Will until they have worked everything out.

Well, before trying to work all of this out you should come and see Wright & Lord. We pride ourselves in our knowledge and experience in this field. We can offer you insights, advice and make appropriate recommendations for you in your particular circumstances. We will start by asking you about your family and your assets and then we will advise you about various things you can do and what the benefits and disadvantages of those various options are.

It is this advice and assistance which is the highest value aspect of the fixed fee service we offer; not necessarily the drafting of the final document.

Our years of experience means you’re guaranteed the best professional advice combined with the careful drafting of your Will. Whether it’s a Will that leaves specific items or sums of money to named beneficiaries or straightforward gifts to your family we’re here to help. We can also include details of your funeral preferences. And although our Wills service is relatively inexpensive it will give you and your family the peace of mind that things will unfold just as you wish.

For further information on Wills or to arrange a no obligation initial meeting, please call us on 01524 402050 / 015395 65990 or alternatively complete the "Quick Enquiry" form below.

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