Your Wills and deeds are safe with us.

We are receiving an increasing number of calls and emails from concerned clients.  Even clients who have been with us for many years now have found that they have received a letter from a firm they have never heard of before, Simpson Millar, claiming that they hold important documents of theirs.

The background to this is that many former clients of Jobling and Knape Solicitors and Whiteside and Knowles Solicitors have, over the years,  decided to move their affairs to us here at Wright and Lord.  Jobling and Knape and Whiteside and Knowles merged a few years ago and called themselves JWK.  Recently, a business by the name of Simpson Millar took over their staff, offices and client records.

Earlier this year, Simpson Millar made the decision to close the doors on its Morecambe office and has since had no physical presence in the town. The business now appears to have set about writing letters to the many names and addresses which appear on the records of the practices formerly known as JWK, Jobling and Knape and Whiteside and Knowles.

Clients of Wright and Lord need not be unduly concerned.  These documents and Wills which we store for you remain in our safe custody and nothing has changed in that regard.  Wright and Lord is not merging, moving or changing in any way. No action is required but we are of course happy to talk to clients if they have any concerns.