2019 Xmas Jumper Day

People have been wearing Christmas Jumpers for many years but in the last ten years or so the idea of having a specific day at the workplace to do this and at the same time raise some funds for a charity has become very popular.

Here at Wright and Lord we love to have some fun and to combine that with raising monies for our Charity of the Year – MacMillan Nurses – what could be better!

So – no feeble excuses (“it shrank in the wash” – “the dog ate it”) – dig out that jumper and squeeze in to it!

You can see from the photographs that we range from the “very elegant” to the “I can’t believe I am wearing this thing”.

In the past we have given prizes for categories such as “Classiest Cardigan” or “Most Humorous V Neck” – however this year we decided to keep it simple and just collect for our charity and have some good laughs. This simple approach did avoid tears and tantrums!!

All three of our offices showed great style and commitment. Well done to all!